Chopped Wood


The “Explosion” cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz for the designer’s first solo museum exhibition titled “Look Again” is made of maple, glass and stainless steel. It lenghthens with a single push and has that very wow effect, doesn’t it?

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Blair Barnhouse (2010) by Alchemy Architects

Location: Blair, WI, USA

Alchemists live in the Midwest and we love barns. Our clients love barns. Everyone loves barns. Imagine a house that took all the great things about barns and left those other things to the cows? Alchemy designed a house that takes all its clues from the 19th century but updates them for the 21st Century featuring barn siding with light filtering through a few, but large openings, a sleeping loft and bedrooms in the cellar. And of course, barn space: an open 2-story room with two volumes inserted within. One in steel, the other in ash strips, they provide under-and over spaces like a hayloft.


Micro House - Skit 2014 by Dachi Papuashvili

The skit is designated for one person usage. It is best for both: churchmen and laymen. Here are all conditions for a long term living, but also may serve for short-term isolations (for fasting, scientific or translating works, icon paintings, etc.).

The building represents an insulated, reinforced construction, covered with wood. Its details will be manufactured before, what will give opportunity to build it without heavy technics at any landscape condition.

Skit is an energetically independent building, producing any needed energy on solar power, and accumulating rain water. So it does not need any energy sources and communications, neither for building, nor for exploitation. There are separate spaces at skit, designated for different usages.